Spiritual Direction

From the Introduction to Through Wind and Waves, by Fr. Francis Fernandez-Carvajal

We have all been called to scale the highest summit and to set out into the deep: Duc in altum.  We have been called to the summit of God’s love.  And no endeavor is more noble than that of striving to climb those heights and helping others to do so — or to reach a safe harbor after many perils.  The supernatural life, while always the work of the Holy Spirit, ordinarily requires the cooperation of another person who acts as a guide — a task often called spiritual direction or spiritual accompaniment.  This centuries-old practice in the Church “contributes to forming consciences.  Today there is a greater need than in the past,” Pope Benedict XVI insisted, “for wise and holy ‘spiritual teachers.’  This important ecclesial service requires an inner vitality that must be implored as a gift from the Holy Spirit in intense and prolonged prayer, and a special training that must be acquired with care.”

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